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Dentistar – Endorsed by dentists

The tooth friendly pacifier Dentistar is the most revolutionising dummy on the market. Through a unique and patented design, which is developed in collaboration with dentists, the pressure on the palate, jaws and teeth has been reduced by 90 % compared to regular dummies. Thereby dental misalignments are prevented even before the first teeth emerge. The Dentistar pacifier has - as the first dummy in the world – been awarded with the prestigious Toothfriendly International certificate. The dummy is available with name/text in both latex and silicone and in 5 attractive colours.

The unique Dentistar dummy is developed by the German company Novatex. The goal behind Dentistar was to create a revolutionizing pacifier that protects your child’s teeth better than any other pacifier on the market. This decision marked the beginning of a three-year long cooperation between Novatex and orthodontists, and the result is a truly unique and gentle dummy: Dentistar.Dentistar reduces pressure by 90%

Dentistar’s patented teat is extra thin and equipped with a “dental-step” which secures a natural development of your baby’s jaws and teeth. The extra flat shaft and the z-formed teat ensure enough room for the tongue, which reduces harmful pressure from the soother even further. Due to this unique and patented design Novatex has succeeded in relieving the pressure on your baby’s palate, jaws and teeth by 90%.

In conclusion, Dentistar is an excellent dummy and German thoroughness and quality at its best. The pacifier gives maximum soothing comfort whilst enabling a natural development of the teeth and significantly reducing the risk of malocclusion on a critical developmental stage.

Engraved Dentistar – your personal pacifier offers dummies engraved with a UV-laser, this method gives the dummies a smooth, lasting surface that won’t be worn off. The smooth surface also minimizes the risk of bacteria. Another advantage of dummies with engraved names is that you always are able to recognize your child’s particular soother. Thereby you can avoid having them confused with other children’s soothers in the nursery/kindergarten and thus reduce unnecessary transmission of bacteria from one child to another.

Dentistar’s special features:

  • Elegant, new and unique design
  • Developed in close collaboration with dentist and oral surgeon
  • Z-formed, extra-flat teat with “dental-step” allows a natural development of the palate, jaws and teeth and gives more room for the tongue
  • The pressure on palate, jaws and teeth is reduced by up to 90% compared with regular dummies
  • The risk of dental misalignments/ malocclusion is significantly reduced
  • First – and only – dummy ever to be awarded with the certificate “Tooth friendly” by the organization Tooth Friendly International.