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MAM Perfect – Softer and thinner than any other dummy

Through extensive, medical studies a connection between the development off the pallet, jaw and teeth and the use of soothers have been documented. The results are clear; if the dummy doesn’t leave enough room for the bone- and teeth structure to develop in a natural and unforced way, it might cause lasting jaw and tooth misalignments. When you’re picking out a pacifier for your child, you should always go for the ones that reduce the pressure on pallet, jaw and teeth the most. A good rule of thumb is: The thinner the teat, the less pressure on the jaw.

MAM Perfect pacifiers are decorated with cute and fashionable motives and they are available in two sizes: 0-6 m. and 6+ m.

For a healthy development of the bite

We recommend the MAM Perfect dummy due to its innovative and gentle design. The primary reason shall be found in the patented and unique teat, Dentoflex. Dentoflex is a symmetrical teat that on average is 60% thinner and 4 times softer than regular pacifiers. Dentoflex is made of MAM Silk Teat silicone, MAM’s own patented silicone, specially designed to be softer and more flexible and thereby give your baby a more natural and relaxing feeling.