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We only offer high-quality dummies that comply with all European standards and regulations. We have a wide selection of differnt brands and models; from the popular tooth friendly dummy, Dentistar, to the orthodontic, the symmetrical and the classic cherry-shaped dummies. We have dummies in both silicone and natural latex, and none of our dummies contain allergens or other harmful substances. Choose between a large selection of different colours and personalise the dummies - free of charge - with your child's name or a unique text.


What dummy are you looking for ?

Every child is unique and which particular dummy your child prefers varies from one child to another. Therefore we offer a wide variety of different shapes, brands and types.

In the left side of this page, below the menu, you can sort the pacifiers by everything from brand to shape, material and functionality. By sorting the results you only see the pacifiers that match your child's preferences.