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Whatever it is the classic round pacifier and BIBS de Lux or the symmetrical pacifier, BIBS supreme, BIBS is designed to be used by children and make them feel safe.

Therefore, it is not surprising that BIBS pacifiers are among children´s absolute favorites. The classic round latex pacifier from BIBS is our most sold pacifier and it is recommended by maternity hotels and chiropractors throughout the country.



  • BIBS Loops are rings you can hang in the play pen, crib, stroller and at the changing table - only your imagination is the limit. BIBS are characterised by high quality and fashionable colours. Loops matches the colours on BIBS pacifiers so there is a lot of possibilities to mix shades across the range of colours.
  • BIBS Colour is a classic round pacifier. It is sold in bags of 4 pcs, 2 pcs. in pre-packed packaging or 1 pc. The nipple is produced in Europe and it is obvious that the material used for shield and ring has been improved. BIBS Colour a sold only in latex.
  • BIBS de Lux is the luxury edition of the round pacifiers. It is sold individually or in bags of 4 pcs. It is a great quality pacifier with a strong shield and a beautiful finish. You can personalize the pacifier by adding a name or a cute text to it. BIBS de Lux is sold in latex and silicone.
  • BIBS Night are round pacifiers for the night. They are sold in bags of 4 pcs. or, 1 pc. BIBS Night have a luminescent ring that ensures that pacifier is easily found if it gets lost during the dark hours. These pacifiers are available in latex.
  • BIBS Supreme is the newest series of symmetrical pacifiers. It is available in latex and silicone. The pacifiers have an elegant shield which is especially designed to ensure that there is an optimal airflow to the child's sensitive skin around the mouth. The nipple is symmetrical and flat - that way the pressure against palate and gums are being reduced.