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Difrax is a Dutch company that, for more than 50 years, has produced quality product for children. Characteristic for Difrax products is that they are developed to solve the challenges of your everyday life in new, innovative ways.


The teat follows the child's dental development

Difrax is the only brand that makes pacifiers where the teat follows the development of the child´s dental stage. The smallest dummy (-2 to +2 months) is made of very thin silicone which makes it extra soft, while the teat of the biggest dummy (18+ months) is made of solid silicone and therefore it´s more resistant to sharp new teeth.

The shield follows the outline of the face and is shaped to give plenty of air to the sensitive skin around the mouth. This reduces irritation. Besides, the shield is shaped so it follows the growth of the face. The Dental and Natural batch has the same type of shield.

Dummyshop carries two popular types of Difrax silicone dummies:

Difrax Natural is a symmetrical silicone dummy. Because of the shape most children accept it right away. 

Difrax Dental is an anatomically shaped dummy, designed to reduce the pressure on the gums and the palate.