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MAM Perfect – supports healthy bite development

MAM Perfect is MAM’s flagship-dummy. It is a dummy that is particularly tooth friendly and gentle to the development of the bite.

MAM Perfect is the result of innovation and expertise combined with a beautiful design. The dummy was developed by orthodontists and paediatric dentists. MAM Perfect is both symmetrical and orthodontically shaped. Both shield and baglet reduces the pressure from the dummy on teeth, gums, jaws and palate.

The slightly curved shield is designed with big air holes, which ensures that the sensitive skin around the mouth continuously is supplied with air for minimising skin irritation. The orthodontic baglet is made of MAM’s own, patented silicone, Silk Teat, which is an ultra-soft silicone. Thus the baglet is substantially softer, thinner and more flexible than regular dummies. In fact, MAM Perfect is 4 times softer than a regular silicone dummy and the shaft of the teat is 60% thinner – which is why MAM Perfect particular gently is.

MAM Perfect is available in the following sizes: Size 1 (0-6 months) and Size 2 (+6 months).