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Bibs Supreme is the newest addition to the popular Bibs Supreme pacifiers. Supreme has quickly grown to become a favourite: Light and comfortable pacifiers that support a correct development of the jaw in an elegant and exquisite design.

Bibs Supreme comes in 9 amazing colours which all can be found with a coloured or white front. They are available in both natural rubber and silicone. It is possible to write a name or another cute text on the following supreme pacifiers; those with a white front and on those in light colours with a coloured front.



The elegant lightweight shield has round and soft edges that leaves good place for the nose and chin. The big air holes in the shield makes sure that there is a good airflow around the mouth and protects the child's sensitive skin the most. The shield is dim and soft, made of Polypropylene (PP) which is a light and durable plastic material.

The nipple is flat drop-shaped and reduces the pressure against palate and gums, why the risk of pacifier teeth reduces. The nipple is symmetric and is always placed correctly in the mouth. A quality many parents appreciates when the children reaches the age of wanting to do everything for themselves.

Supreme silicone has an innovative pattern in the nipple. This pattern makes the nipple more resistant to baby's first, sharp teeth than regular silicone pacifiers.