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Still the exclusive and decorative look that gives the pacifier an extra touch. Latex is a natural product that comes from the rubber tree. The latex milk - the juice from the rubber tree - is extracted and processed into natural rubber. Latex pacifiers are flexible, soft and pleasant to suck on.

  • A natural feeling - The flexible and soft feeling of the natural rubber makes the pacifiers safe and comfortable to suck on.
  • Stronger than silicone - Latex is harder to bite through than silicone because the material is softer and more flexible. If you have issues with your child biting the silicone pacifiers into pieces we recommend that you use a natural rubber pacifier.
  • Natural product - Latex is a 100% natural material.
  • Low heat tolerance - Latex ages over time. Especially thermal stress from e.g. sterilisation puts a strain on the pacifiers. Latex pacifiers should not be placed in the window or exposed for sunlight since it will make them age before time. When the material starts changing it will become darker and more sticky. This is a sign that you should change the pacifier. As latex ages they lose flexibility and become easier to bite through.
  • Extends over time - We recommend that you are always offering your child more pacifiers than one because it extends over time. If your child only has one pacifier the replacement for a new one will be very apparent because the difference between a new and a used pacifier can be up to 0,5 cm.