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Bibs Supreme Latex are soft, pleasant and natural pacifiers

- still with the exclusive and decorative expression which gives the pacifier an extra touch.

Latex is a natural product. The mik from the gum tree are being extracted and processed to natural rubber. Latex pacifiers are elastic, soft and pleasant for the child to suck on. The latex pacifier has several qualities:

  • A natural feeling - It feels secure and pleasant to suck on because of the elastic and soft texture.

  • Stronger than silicone - Latex is more difficult to bite that e.g. silicone because the material is softer and more elastic. If your child bites the pacifiers into pieces we recommend that you change into a silicone pacifier.

  • Natural product - Latex is a natural material.

  • Low heat tolerance - Latex ages over time, over time opposite to silicone.  Especially the thermal stress from e.g. sterilisation place a strain on the pacifier. Latex pacifiers should not be put in a window or exposed to sunlight - that will age them earlier. When the material starts changing e.g. gets darker or sticky you should replace them. As latex is aging is loses the elasticity and become easier to bite into pieces.