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Bibs Supreme Silicone - allergy-friendly pacifiers with a high thermal tolerance

- still with the decorative and exclusive expression that gives the pacifier an extra touch. 

Silicone  ia a synthetic material, industrially made. The most allergy-friendly material on the market, 100% free from BPA, PVC og phthalates. Silicone pacifiers are easy to recognise since the material is clear and transparent. Silicone has several qualities: 

  • Allergy-friendly - Silicone is the most allergy-friendly material. The same silicone is used in pharmaceutical and medicinal- og food industry. If your child has an increased risk for developing allergies we always recommend  silicone pacifiers because it is a cleaner material. However we do not have any knowledge about children haven latex allergi after using latex pacifiers.

  • Hygienic material - An advantage using silicone pacifiers is the high thermal tolerance. Opposite to latex pacifiers they are not affected by thermal stress when they are being sterilised. This is why silicone pacifiers are quite suitable for small children with an immune system not yet fully developed.

  • Neutral in taste and smell - Silicone is suitable for the children that do not like the taste and smell in latex pacifiers.

  • Maintain the shape - Silicone maintains the shape throughtout the pacifiers lifetime shereas latex pacifiers are changing over time.