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Orthodontic dummies

Orthodontic dummies have a vent hole that makes sure the air can be squeezed out of the teat. The teat itself is upwardly shaped, which relieves the pressure on your child’s palate, jaw, gums and teeth and substantially diminishes the risk of crooked or prominent teeth. The heart-shaped shield is gently curved and equipped with air holes, which ensures an even airflow to the sensitive skin around the mouth.

Our orthodontic dummies are also equipped with a safety handle that makes it easy for your child to handle the dummy. The orthodontic dummies can be used from birth and until your child is weaned off the dummies.

We offer orthodontic dummies from the brands BabyNova, Difrax and Tolico.

Naturally, all dummies from Novatex, Difrax and Tolico complies with the EU standard EN 1400, which is your assurance that quality, durability, functionality and environmental requirements within the EU are met.