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Symmetrical dummies - always placed correctly in the mouth

The symmetrical dummy is a classic pacifier that has been a favorite amongst both babies and their parents for several years. The great advantage of the symmetrical dummy is that it cannot be turn upside-down in your baby’s mouth. Due to the symmetrical form of the teat the dummy will always be placed correctly in the mouth. All our symmetrical dummies have vent holes which allow the air to be pressed out of the dummies during your baby’s soothing.

Symmetrical dummies are available in both silicone and latex. Whether you decide for silicone or latex is mainly a matter of preferences - silicone is a synthetic material and therefor extremely pure, whereas latex is a naturally occurring material with a high elasticity.

We have symmetrical dummies from BabyNova, Difrax, MAM and Philips AVENT. All three brands are renowned for their high standards, both when it comes to choice of materials and to the shaping of the dummies. All these dummies are developed with your child’s health and wellbeing in mind.