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Round pacifiers - a beloved classic

Children love pacifiers! The classic round shape imitates a mother's breast which is why it feels natural and safe for the child. This is the reason many children accept the round / cherry-shaped pacifier the first time they are introduced to it.



Round pacifiers are recommended when breastfeeding because the child is using the same sucking technique when breastfeeding and using the pacifier. This way it gets easier to change between pacifier and breast and there will be less confusion.

The round pacifier has a valve which means that the risk of developing pacifier teeth is reduced because the air can be pressed out. The shield is curved outwards which ensures a good airflow for the sensitive skin around the mouth.

We carry the following types of round pacifiers on Dummyshop: Bibs Colour and Bibs de Lux. Furthermore, we carry Philips Avent Soothie which is a round silicone pacifier.