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Silicone is a synthetic material. It is industrially produced, free from allergens and the most hypoallergenic material available. Therefore, silicone is often used in both food- and medical industry. It is 100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates

Silicone dummies are easily recognizable by their transparent and clear teat. The teat has a smooth and even surface that endures heat better than e.g natural rubber. Therefore, silicone is easier to clean.

We offer silicone dummies from some of the most acknowledged dummy manufacturers: the round Bibs de Lux, symmetrical Bibs Supreme, tooth-friendly Dentistar among many other of the best and most sought after symmetrical and orthodontic dummies from brands as Chicco, Difrax, Elodie Details, MAMNIP and Philips AVENT.