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Philips AVENT Bottle- and Teat brush - 1 pc.

Philips Avent

New product

£ 9.60

Philips Avent Bottle- and Teat brush include:

  • 1 pcs. brush
Philips Avent Bottle- and Teat brush details:
  • Curved brush head
  • Unique handle and tip design
  • Durable high-density bristles

Philips Avent

The goal behind all Philips Avent’s child care products is to create the best product of its kind in the world. To ensure this goal is met, the product not only has to be of extraordinary high quality it also has to make it easy and safe for children as well as their parents to strive for a better health.

Nature is, simplistically put, the foundation of all innovation and product development. Therefor all Philips Avent child care products are designed to give a natural and comforting feeling when used.

In Dummyshop you can find a wide variety of Philips Avent product. We, naturally, offer the the popular pacifiers and accessories for pacifiers, in addition you can also find the innovative and highly effective anti-colic baby bottles, breast pumps, sippy-cups, milk containers and many other practical and innovative child care products – all designed to make everyday life a little easier for parents as well as children.