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BIBS Loops toy rings – 12 pcs.


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£ 12.50

Bibs Loops rings - 12 pcs. bag

Choosing Bibs Loops 12 pcs. bag you get 3 colour machting rings consisting of 4 pcs. in each colour. They come in original packaging from the Bibs factory and comes in 5 types.

Use the rings for hanging in the car seat, the pram, the changing table, the play pen etc. The rings are made of an exquisite material and trendy colours. 


The material is made of Polypropylene (PP) and is containing no harmfuld ingredients.

Polypropylene is safe for e.g. food and emit no harmfuld chemistry. It is neutral in smell and taste. Besides, it is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. 

Bibs Loops toy rings includes:

  • 12 pcs. ring
Bibs Loops toy rings special characteristic:
  • Practical rings
  • Model: Loop
  • Manufacturer: Bibs
  • Age: From 0 months.
  • 100 % free from BPA