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One day on an informationsite for new parents I came across a mother's frustrations over harmful substances and carsinogens in dummies. Why would anyone use materials containing BPA, PVC and phthalates in the production of dummies for babies and small children? I just couldn't get my head around it - why expose our little children to substances that may lead to sickness and discomfort when they could be easily avoided?

I am myself a mother of 2 beautiful children - a boy and a girl - and I clearly remember how confusing and frustrating it was as a new mother to find my way through the baby jungle. There are a myriad of different opinions on what is allowed and especially on what is not allowed. I was originally trained as a social worker and for many years I worked with handicapped or ill children. With my experience I was drawn to the issue of dummies containing harmful substances and decided to investigate it further. I found that many dummies did actually contain substances suspected to be carcinogenic. Luckily I also found several dummy manufacturers, who had taken a stand and decided not to use materials containing these substances.

When you are a new parent it is impossible to attain a depper understanding of everything - which is why the fundamental idea behind DummyShop is to offer a place, where concerned parents can buy their child's dummies and related products in good concience, and then use the limited amount of time on finding their way through the rest of the baby jungle or maybe even on spending quality time with their children. I created DummyShop that only retails dummies that are BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free in order to make it easier for other parents to make healthy decisions.
DummyShop was founded in 2011.
Best regards,
Annette Jensen