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The handling of Bibs Colour pacifiers at

We are experiencing an increasing interest in our handling of Bibs pacifiers and the various options we offer at the shop.

Bibs pacifiers has a nipple made of natural rubber, a material with a limited durability. Light and heat effects will harm it and it has a more raw surface which makes it easier for dirt and dust to stick to it. 

To maintain durability on natural rubber pacifiers Dummyshop has taken actions that make sure that the child´s pacifier has been stored optimally and gently from arrival to our warehouse until they reach our customers. Now Bibs pacifiers are also sold individually. 


Arrival at 

When the pacifiers arrive from the Bibs wholesaler, FB trading, they are delivered in a closed cardboard box containg bags of each 100 Bibs pacifiers or in prepacked packagings containing two bibs pacifiers in each. The box will be placed at our warehouse and will be added a receipt date so we can control how long the pacifiers have been here. 

Dummyshop´s warehouse differs from others warehouses by having the optimal conditions for pacifiers, espacially those of natural rubber which requires particularly good conditions to keep their good elastic function. That is why Dummyshop´s warehouse has a fixed temperature day and night, summer and winter. In addition the storage is kept clean for dust and dirt and the entire package area are shielded from direct sunlight. 


Bibs Colour pacifiers are made ready for sale at

Dummyshop has always offered Bibs pacifiers in packages containing more than one because we think it is the cheapest way to handle them. However, at the invitation of our customers, we have chosen to meet the need to buy pacifiers individually - with the option of choosing colours. 

Be aware that all pacifiers in one bag are exactly the same - only quantity and wrapping are different. 


Bibs Colour reclosure bags containing four pacifiers

The cheapest purchase price is on Bibs pacifiers without packaging. Each variant comes in bags of approximately 100 pcs. They are repacked in bags of four pcs. Our skilled employees have a good routine and a good system of packaging so it does not take long. While packing the pacifiers are checked for defects and any factory defects will be sorted out. 

All pacifiers in opened bags are repacked into smaller bags with reclosure system so that our costumers can use one pacifier, close the bag and store the rest in a dark drawer/closet in a heated room (prefereably like room temperature). When we close the bags we put them in a box so that they are protected against light, heat and dust - this keeps any mistakes to a minimum.  

  Zipper bag with 4 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers. Buy here!


Bibs Colour prepacked and closed bags containing two pacifiers

Bibs Colour pacifiers in bags of two requires no packaging or sorting for factory defects. They are placed at our tempered warehouse ready for shipment.

Bibs pacifiers in prepacked packaging are especially suitable for gifts but they are a little more expensive than the bags containing four pcs.

  Blister pack with 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers. Buy here!


Bibs Colour Mix & Match closed bag containing one pacifier 

The new initiative at is Bibs Mix & Match pacifiers where the customer can choose their preferred colour. It requires a little more handling and attention due to the fact that one pacifier goes into one bag that are to be closed at placed for shipment - this is the most expensive way to order Bibs Colour pacifiers at

The more Bibs Mix & Match that are ordered the faster the handling and workflow - and the cheaper is gets. 

  Closed bag with the choosen Bibs Colour pacifiers. Buy here!


Shipment of Bibs Colour from 

All Bibs Colour are in a protected bag or packaging - according to the order. The ordered products are assembled in a durable shipping bag in dark plastic which excludes light and protects the products at their journey from Dummyshop to the individual customer. 

Orders are sent the same day as they are handled why the pacifiers are always under protected conditions at


I hope this gives you an idea of how Dummyshop handles Bibs Colour pacifiers.

if you have any questions about our handling or otherwise you are always welcome til contact me by e-mail or phone.