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MAM Air Night Latex 12+ mo. Dummies - 2 pcs.



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£ 8.30

Mam Air Night pacifiers include:

  • 2 pcs. facifiers
  • 1 pcs. steriliser box
Mam Air pacifiers details:
  • Night-time pacifier with button that glows in the dark
  • Gentle to the sensitive and easily-irritated skin around the mouth – light-weight shield with optimized air ventilation
  • Model: Air Night
  • Manufacturer: MAM
  • Age: 12+ mo.
  • Shape: Symmetrical
  • Teat material: Natural latex
  • Shield: Symmetrical shield with extra large air gaps
  • 100 % BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free
  • Complies with the European Standard: EN 1400
  • Steriliser box included
  • Night-time pacifier

Symmetrical shape

The symmetrically shaped dummy is a classic dummy that has been on the market for several years. The great advantage of this shape is that the dummy cannot be placed upwards down, and that it therefore automatically finds a natural and correct position in your child’s mouth. The symmetrical dummies – also known as butterfly pacifiers – are durable and the slightly flattened teat imitates a mother’s breast. In order to minimize the pressure on the child’s teeth, pallet and jaw, the teat is drop-shaped and symmetrical.

The shield is slightly curved in order to gently follow the facial curves and thereby reduce pressure as much as possible. It is equipped with air vents, which ensures that the skin stays ventilated and prevents it from getting too moist, which reduces the risk of skin irritation significantly.


MAM is the Worldwide market leading design brand in baby care. And with good reason. The company has on several occasions redefined the term ‘dummy’ and continuously keeps setting new standards for child care products.

The pacifiers are designed on the idea that parents shouldn’t have to choose between aesthetics and functionality. The pacifiers are developed in close cooperation with leading dental experts, designers, scientists and – naturally – parents. That MAM delivers extraordinary design and quality is underlined by the many design and user awards, that the manufacturer has received since the first dummy was sold in 1976.

All MAM Soothers are symmetrically shaped. In Dummyshop you can choose between the following MAM models: Air, Original, Original Night, Perfect, Perfect Night and Start.

In addition, we also offer a variety of beautiful and practical must-have accessories for dummies and anti-colic bottles by MAM.

MAM Natural Latex

MAM has its own latex manufacturer, MAM Natural Latex, where the latex is produced under organic and socially responsible conditions — you can therefore rest assured that the latex complies with all quality regulations. Natural Latex from MAM is an extra allergy-friendly and natural product, which due to the elasticity of the material, is both softer and harder to bite into pieces than silicone.

General information about Latex/Natural Rubber

Latex or natural rubber, as it is also called, is a completely natural material without additives. Latex/natural rubber originates from the rubber tree and has an easily recognisable yellow-brown colour.

Natural rubber — nature can vary

As Latex is a natural product without the addition of dyes, please be aware that the dummies can vary in colour and texture. The teat will therefore often not be a single colour and, combined with the fact that the dummies are valve dummies, the inside may appear uneven or damaged, which is completely natural and not a fault. Due to the natural material, the dummies can also vary from each other, where some may be slightly lighter in colour, or a little sticky to the touch.

Natural rubber — elastic function

Latex is more elastic than silicone, and more reminiscent of the mother's breast than silicone. Therefore, children more easily accept a latex dummy than a silicone dummy. The elastic quality also makes the dummy more bite-resistant and therefore more resistant to pointed baby teeth, and is therefore a suitable material for children who bite the dummy.

Natural rubber — decomposes and ages

Latex is a natural product that ages and decomposes over time, and with light and heat. Therefore, it is important that you store natural rubber dummies in a dark, dry place at room temperature. In addition, be aware that natural rubber changes with use, and children with a strong suction can expand the dummy to a much larger dummy than it was originally. Therefore, we recommend switching between dummies and replacing latex dummies after 6 weeks.