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Elodie Details Silicone 3+ mo. Orthodontic Dummy - 1 pc.

Elodie Details

New product

£ 8.40

Elodie Details pacifier in silicon for 3+ month presents a new pacifier in our assortment: Elodie Details is another example of a product that fits style, personality and mood. A pacifier to a girl or a boy suiting all occasions.

Elodie Details is pacifiers of a high quality, made of tritan plast og silicone and it complies with the requirement to be a valve nipple. Its anatomically shape is gentle to mouth and teeth. The guard has air holes which makes sure that the sensitive skin gets air. The pacifiers can be used from the age of 3 months. Tritan plast is constructed to be more durable og it does not contain BPA. The pacifiers are thoroughly security tested and comply with the European safety standard: EN-1400.

Sterilize the pacifiers with boiling water before and after use.


Dots of fauna - Inspired by the animal kingdom and has a cute and raw expression.

Gold shimmer - An exclusive design with a classy shimmer of gold.

Powder pink - Tender pink with a white mandala design that gives a cute and cool look.


Elodie Details dummy include:

  • 1 pcs. dummy
Elodie Details Orthodontic details:
  • Perfect fit - reduces pressure by mirroring the shape of the mouth
  • Model: Orthodontic
  • Manufacturer: Elodie Details
  • Age: 3+ mo.
  • Shape: Orthodontic
  • Teat material: Silicone
  • Shield: Symmetrical shield
  • 100 % BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free
  • Complies with the European Standard: EN 1400

Orthodontic shape

The orthodontic dummies are designed to give the child an easing and comforting feeling when soothing. The shape is designed to mirror the shape of the mouth, which significantly reduces the press on jaws, tongue and palate. This shape minimizes the risk of abnormal tooth development caused by the use of dummies better than any other shape on the market.

The shield is slightly curved, which ensures an even distribution of pressure. Due to the air holes in the shield air can easily access the sensitive skin around the mouth, which reduces skin irritation.

Elodie Details

Swedish Elodie Details is an innovative and modern company which was founded in 2006 by Linda Sätterström.

In 2005 Linda Sätterström developped  the clips. The idea of a pacifier string with a clips came when her daughter Elodie was born - to prevent the pacifier from being thrown around. The pacifier string quickly became  popular in Scandinavia both because of the function and the many fashionable designs.

The desire to raise the products to be more than just everyday necessities is huge which is why Elodie Details creates products  that expresses style and personality. Among the following products are pacifiers, cuddle cloths, bibs, dry bibs, towels, blankets and the wonderful stuffed animals.

Silicone — Material

Silicone is a chemically manufactured product and is therefore completely free of harmful substances. Silicone is the most allergy-friendly material on the market. Common to all silicone dummies is that they are transparent and slightly harder than latex.

The advantage of dummies with silicone teats is that they are incredibly easy to clean and remain free of bacteria. Silicone is a smooth material that does not stick and therefore does not attract unnecessary dirt. It is also an extremely heat-resistant material, and you can sterilise/boil the dummies again and again and again without damaging the silicone.


Silicone is a highly suitable material for infants, as their immune system is not yet fully developed, and it is therefore particularly important to maintain a high level of hygiene.