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FRIGG Daisy medical grade silicone pacifier sz. 2


New product

£ 4.35

Round shape

The round and cherry-shaped dummy is a classic dummy where both teat and shield are roundly shaped.

Some children prefer this shape over any other shape. The explanation is, that this shape is very close to the shape of a mothers breast, and the round dummies as a result feels more natural and soothing to the child. Many midwives and nurses recommends this type of dummy, because of these exact qualities.

Another advantage of this shape is that it is very easy for children to keep the dummy in their mouth. Dummies of other shapes often have smaller teats and are more difficult to hold on to and hence they are more easily lost or dropped.

The shield faces outward which ensures an absolute minimum of skin irritation.


100 % Made in Denmark – 100 % Free from harmful substances

FRIGG is a new round pacifier which – as the only pacifier on the market – is 100% made in Denmark. The pacifier has an elegant, functionalistic shape where every little detail serves a purpose. FRIGG is designed with the child’s need for comforting as the primary goal, and it is made from only the best and most environmentally friendly materials available.


FRIGG is available in more than 60 beautiful colors. You will always find the season’s most popular colors in the assortment.


Choose between pacifiers with teat in medical grade silicone and natural latex and the sizes 0-6 mo. and 6+ mo.


A Pacifier’s Core Function is to give Comfort

In the early years, children are driven by their needs and instincts. The FRIGG pacifier is developed to imitate a mother’s breast to make it as natural and comforting for the child to use as possible. The round shape is recommended by pediatric chiropractors and maternity hotels in Denmark.


The shield is curved slightly outwards to ensure maximum air supply to baby’s sensitive skin around the mouth.


Sustainability, Health and Safety in Focus

The pacifier is manufactured with a focus on minimizing the environmental impact, which is why the shield is made from PP (Polypropylene) a material with a low environmental impact and made without any waste production.


Only the best materials are used to make these pacifiers, therefore:


  •          The natural rubber used for the latex teats is a 100% natural material that is elastic and feels skin-like for the child to soothe on. Only the best and cleanest latex is used for the FRIGG pacifiers.


  •          The silicone used is medical grade, which is the best and most clean silicone type available. This material is i.e. used in medical industry. It is easy to clean and very durable. The silicone teats on FRIGG pacifiers are made to make the surface feel velvet soft and skin-like for the child to soothe on.


Out of security considerations every pacifier is tensile tested before leaving the production facilities.


The Goddess of Motherhood and Daughter of the Earth

In old Norse mythology Frigg is the wife of Odin and represents motherly love. As goddess of Motherhood, she is the goddess that was invoked during births, and as the wisest of the goddesses she was the one Odin turned to for advice and guidance. Frigg is daughter of Fjørgyn, that symbolizes the land.


The goddess Frigg is the perfect image for the pacifier the people behind FRIGG wanted to create:

A pacifier, that is made with the child's innate need for security and comfort in the center, using the cleanest and most sustainable materials available.


Medical Grade Silicone – without harmful additives

Medical silicone is the purest type of silicone on the market.

Silicone is a chemically produced product and is therefore free of harmful additives. Silicone is the most allergy-friendly material on the market. Common to all silicone dummies is that they are transparent and slightly harder than latex.

The advantage of dummies with silicone teats is that they are incredibly easy to clean and remain free of bacteria. Silicone is a smooth material that does not stick, therefore it does not attract unnecessary dirt. It is also an extremely heat-resistant material, and you can sterilise/boil the dummies again and again and again without damaging the silicone.

Silicone is a highly suitable material for infants, as their immune system is not yet fully developed, and it is therefore particularly important to maintain a high level of hygiene.