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Elodie Details - Stylish gift idea for the little ones

Elodie Details

New product

£ 34.70

Classy gift

This gift bag contains a usefull bibs from Elodie Details. Is has a practical pocket on the front so the food that doesn´t go into the mouth doesn´t god to the floor. It also contains a wonderful Elodie Details pacifier  and a smart Elodie Details pacifier clips, to make sure that the pacifier doesn´t disappear. All three things in the same design: Gold Shimmer.

A perfect gift idea that oozes of baby class and style. 

Elodie Details

Swedish Elodie Details is an innovative and modern company which was founded in 2006 by Linda Sätterström.

In 2005 Linda Sätterström developped  the clips. The idea of a pacifier string with a clips came when her daughter Elodie was born - to prevent the pacifier from being thrown around. The pacifier string quickly became  popular in Scandinavia both because of the function and the many fashionable designs.

The desire to raise the products to be more than just everyday necessities is huge which is why Elodie Details creates products  that expresses style and personality. Among the following products are pacifiers, cuddle cloths, bibs, dry bibs, towels, blankets and the wonderful stuffed animals.


Silicone is a synthetic, hypoallergenic material free of harmful additives. Common to all types of silicone teats is they are all transparent and a little harder than teats made from natural rubber.

The great advantage of choosing a pacifier with a silicone teat is that they are most easy to clean and keep free of dirt. Silicone has a smooth and dirt repellent surface and a high heat resistance, which makes it uncomplicated to sterilize and hygienic to use.

Silicone is in particular well suited for infants, since they – due to a not yet fully developed immune system – need a more hygienic environment than older children.

Please note that latex and silicone are not the same size on the Bibs dummies.