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2-Trends - Classic and beautiful gift idea

Elodie Details & Bibs

New product

£ 19.00

A classic and beautiful gift idea with the best of two worlds

This gift idea contains 1 pcs. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder and 4 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers (latex). A classic set that exudes style and charm. Perfect for the family party or a night out.

Elodie Details make sustainable quality products that exudes style and personality. Bibs Colour are exquisite pacifiers that strengthens the muscles in the tongue and therefore support breastfeeding.

A classic and beautiful match between two quality products.

You can find it in several variations:

1. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Happiness is Born, 2. pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers White and 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Black

2. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Powder Pink, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Blush and 2 pcs.. Bibs Colour pacifiers Woodchuck

3. Elodie Details pacifier holder Playful Pepe, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Chocolate and 2 pcs. Bibs colour pacifiers Beige

4. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Dragon Fly, 2 pcs. Bibs colour pacifiers Blush, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Iron and 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Smoke

5. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Midnight Bells, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Blush, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Woodchuck, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Sage and 1 pcs.. Bibs Colour pacifier Chocolate

6. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder DOT, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers White and 2 stk. Bibs Colour pacifiers Black

7. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Graphic Devotion,  2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers and 2 pcs. Bibs Colour sutter Ivory

8. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Embedding Bloom, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Cloud and 2 pcs. Bibs Colour sutter Blush

9. Elodie Details clip-om pacifier holder Tender Blue, 1 pcs. bibs Colour pacifier Black, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Midnight, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Sky Blue og 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Baby Blue

10. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Tiny Beetle, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Chocolate og 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Vanilla

11. Elodie Details clip-on Precious Preppy, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Black og 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Ivory

Package include:

  • 1 pcs. Elodie Details pacifier clips
  • 4 pcs. Bibs Colour
Bibs Colour pacifier details:
  • Classic round pacifiers that imitate a mothers breast - made in Denmark
  • 4-pack dummies
  • Model: Big Colour
  • Manufacturer: Bibs
  • Age: 18+ mo.
  • Shape: Cherry shaped dummies
  • Teat material: Latex
  • Shield: Round and extrovertet
  • 100 % BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free
  • Complies with the European Standard: EN 1400

Elodie Details Clip-on pacifier holder details:
  • Practical clip-on dummy holder
  •  Manufacturer: Elodie Details
  •  Age: From 0 mo.
  •  Length: 19 cm
  •  Width: 3,5 cm
  •  Ribbon material: Polyester
  •  Ring material: Silicone
  •  Clip materiale: Steel (Nickel free)
  •  Used: Fits all dummies from Dummyshop
  •  100 % PVC-free
  •  Complies with EN 12586: 2007
  •  Not washable/Wipe the band with a wet cloth

Elodie Details & Bibs