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2-Trends - Classic and beautiful gift idea

Elodie Details & Bibs

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£ 19.00

A classic and beautiful gift idea with the best of two worlds

This gift idea contains 1 pcs. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder and 4 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers (latex). A classic set that exudes style and charm. Perfect for the family party or a night out.

Elodie Details make sustainable quality products that exudes style and personality. Bibs Colour are exquisite pacifiers that strengthens the muscles in the tongue and therefore support breastfeeding.

A classic and beautiful match between two quality products.

You can find it in several variations:

1. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Happiness is Born, 2. pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers White and 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Black

2. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Powder Pink, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Blush and 2 pcs.. Bibs Colour pacifiers Woodchuck

3. Elodie Details pacifier holder Playful Pepe, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Chocolate and 2 pcs. Bibs colour pacifiers Beige

4. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Dragon Fly, 2 pcs. Bibs colour pacifiers Blush, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Iron and 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Smoke

5. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Midnight Bells, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Blush, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Woodchuck, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Sage and 1 pcs.. Bibs Colour pacifier Chocolate

6. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder DOT, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers White and 2 stk. Bibs Colour pacifiers Black

7. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Graphic Devotion,  2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers and 2 pcs. Bibs Colour sutter Ivory

8. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Embedding Bloom, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Cloud and 2 pcs. Bibs Colour sutter Blush

9. Elodie Details clip-om pacifier holder Tender Blue, 1 pcs. bibs Colour pacifier Black, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Midnight, 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Sky Blue og 1 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifier Baby Blue

10. Elodie Details clip-on pacifier holder Tiny Beetle, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Chocolate og 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Vanilla

11. Elodie Details clip-on Precious Preppy, 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Black og 2 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers Ivory

Package include:

  • 1 pcs. Elodie Details pacifier holder
  • 4 pcs. Bibs Colour pacifiers
Elodie Details Clip-on pacifier holder details:
  • Practical clip-on pacifier holder
  •  Manufacturer: Elodie Details
  •  Age: From 0 mo.
  •  Length: 19 cm
  •  Width: 3,5 cm
  •  Ribbon material: Polyester
  •  Ring material: Silicone
  •  Clip materiale: Steel (Nickel free)
  •  Used: Fits all dummies from Dummyshop
  •  100 % PVC-free
  •  Complies with EN 12586: 2007
  •  Not washable/Wipe the band with a wet cloth
Bibs Colour pacifier details:
  • Classic round pacifiers that imitate a mothers breast - made in Denmark
  • 4-pack dummies
  • Model: Big Colour
  • Manufacturer: Bibs
  • Age: 18+ mo.
  • Shape: Cherry shaped dummies
  • Teat material: Latex
  • Shield: Round and extrovertet
  • 100 % BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free
  • Complies with the European Standard: EN 1400

Elodie Details & Bibs

Natural Latex

Natural Latex or Natural Rubber Latex as it is also called is a 100 % natural material free of harmful additives.  Natural Latex stems from the rubber tree and has an easy recognizable yellow colour.

Natural Latex is more elastic than silicone which makes it suitable for children that bite into their pacifiers. Due to the material’s organic origins combined with a relatively low heat tolerance Natural Latex decades faster than silicone.

Please note that latex and silicone are not the same size.