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Mushie Teether Heaven 1 pc.


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£ 9.00


Mushie & Co. is a quality brand from the USA with a solid hold on Danish soil. The brand was started by an extremely passionate mother (Mushie) and her husband as they were expecting their first child. Mushie wanted to give her baby the best products on the market, but was unfortunately disappointed with the selection: Where were the products that met her high demands for both safety, materials, function and sleek design?


Mushie quickly fell in love with Danish-produced products. Partly because of the Danish design tradition to unite materials, form and function, but also because many of the Danish companies she was in contact with are making products while caring for both people and the environment.


Together with her husband, she brought Danish products to the American market. This was the start of the Mushie brand.


Today, Mushie sells products that durable, stylish and of superior quality. The products are made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in modern minimalist design at affordable prices — in the spirit of Danish design.


Beautiful products that are loved by both mother and baby.