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NUK Genius 6-18 mo. Silicone Dummy - 2 pc.


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£ 9.00

NUK Genius silicone dummy – nice and stylish

NUK Genius 6-18 mo. is a nice and stylish dummy made of silicone. Silicone is a heat- and light resistant material, which is soft, transparent and allergy-friendly. It has a valve, which means that the air can be pressed out by which the pressure on palate and gums reduces. The risk of pacifier teeth also reduces. The extra flat nipple means that there is good room for the tongue. Besides, it has an optimal fit in the palate, since it´s very soft on the top. The exceptional thin neck of the nipple ensures that the pressure on jaw and teeth reduces.

The heart shaped shield follows the face of the child and has big air holes which ensure a good ventilation to the child´s skin.

NUK Genius include:

  • 2 pcs. dummies
  • 1 pc. Sterilizer box

NUK Genius details:

  • German produced dummies
  • Model: Genius
  • Manufacturer: Nuk
  • Age: 6-18 mo.
  • Shape: Orthodontic
  • Teat material: Silicone
  • Shield: Heart shaped shield with air holes
  • 100 % BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free
  • Complies with the European Standard: EN 1400
  • Steriliser box included

Orthodontic shape

The orthodontic dummies are designed to give the child an easing and comforting feeling when soothing. The shape is designed to mirror the shape of the mouth, which significantly reduces the press on jaws, tongue and palate. This shape minimizes the risk of abnormal tooth development caused by the use of dummies better than any other shape on the market.

The shield is slightly curved, which ensures an even distribution of pressure. Due to the air holes in the shield air can easily access the sensitive skin around the mouth, which reduces skin irritation.



Silicone is a synthetic, hypoallergenic material free of harmful additives. Common to all types of silicone teats is they are all transparent and a little harder than teats made from natural rubber.

The great advantage of choosing a pacifier with a silicone teat is that they are most easy to clean and keep free of dirt. Silicone has a smooth and dirt repellent surface and a high heat resistance, which makes it uncomplicated to sterilize and hygienic to use.

Silicone is in particular well suited for infants, since they – due to a not yet fully developed immune system – need a more hygienic environment than older children.

Please note that latex and silicone are not the same size on the Bibs dummies.