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Elodie Details stuffed animal "Playful Pepe" - 1 pcs

Elodie Details

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£ 30.00

Huggable Pepe from Elodie Details

Playful Pepe is a loyal companion. He loves to climb and swing around and he´s always ready to give you a hug when you call him. He´s got long arms and with his velcro grip he can hold on to your pacifier, hang in the bars in the crib or hold your hand.

Playful Pepe is loving, gentle and tender - but most importantly; he´s YOURS!/p>

Hug me and I am your Playful Pepe forever. :-)

Pepe likes a bath sometimes - either in cold (30 degrees) water or in the machine (delicates 30 degrees). He doesn´t like to be tumble-dried, ironed or bleached.

Pepe is 33 cm tall og 100 % loyal :-)


Elodie Details Payful Pepe inkludere:

  • 1 stk. stuffed animal
Elodie Details playful Pepe særlige karakteristika:
  • Type and use: Three-in-one security. Holds your hand, takes care of your pacifier and gives you a hug or hangs in the bars of the crib. Fits all pacifiers with a ring.
  • Manufacturer: Elodie Details
  • Age: from 0 months.
  • Material shell: 100% cotton.
  • Material padding: 100% polyester.
  • Approval: EN71
  • Washing handwash or machine wash (delicate) in cold water, 30 degrees. Do not tumble-dry, iron or bleach.

Elodie Details

Swedish Elodie Details is an innovative and modern company which was founded in 2006 by Linda Sätterström.

In 2005 Linda Sätterström developped  the clips. The idea of a pacifier string with a clips came when her daughter Elodie was born - to prevent the pacifier from being thrown around. The pacifier string quickly became  popular in Scandinavia both because of the function and the many fashionable designs.

The desire to raise the products to be more than just everyday necessities is huge which is why Elodie Details creates products  that expresses style and personality. Among the following products are pacifiers, cuddle cloths, bibs, dry bibs, towels, blankets and the wonderful stuffed animals.